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What Happens to Your Body at Every Stage of Dating

Beginning a relationship may not be an easy task. After scrolling through countless profiles of single women on dating site, you have finally managed to find a woman online who you could potentially start a relationship with. During these stages, you experience things differently as you get to know a person. From the first moments of being shy and uncertain to the moments when you completely become free with your partner. So what changes can you expect?

The first date

First, you have to find a woman online or a man who is a complete stranger. This may take longer as an online dating service may have a lot of profiles of single women or men. When you decide to meet, here starts a new stage.

During this phase, you can experience awkward moments as you don’t know the other person well. You become more conscious of what you wear and the things you talk about. This is true if you are trying to please the person you are dating. During the first date, you may be a bit nervous which causes you to have discomfort or stomach pain. This is just a physiological response to fear. You just need to relax.

The rosy stage

This is the best stage. Whether you are in love or not, you become very smitten. You are excited to hang out as often as possible and can’t wait for the next time you meet. You are happy during this moment since all the things are going well. At this stage, you will experience both a physical and emotional attachment. At this stage, the hormone oxytocin is high and causes feelings of sexual attraction, love, and even obsession. Dating local singles helps you to avoid waiting for a long time to meet since physical distance can kill your chemistry.

Putting a label on your relationship stage

This stage brings a lot of questions like are we a couple, are we just hanging out? Can we see other people? Are we exclusive? Are you still looking for other single women on an online dating site? This stage can bring a lot of anxiety as you may both not be on the same page. Some people experience commitment phobia. You may also feel disappointed if you want conflicting things, especially if you have a good vibe with your partner. It is important to have the talk with the person you are dating so that both of you can be on the same page. This way you both will know which direction to take and what to expect.

When you become comfortable

As the relationship progresses, you start becoming more comfortable with your partner. This is when intimacy grows. You no longer worry about your partner seeing you without makeup. And some things you were not comfortable to show earlier become a normal thing. Complete relaxation will return your body to balance.

Will things work out?

Here, you may become more irritated even about the smallest things. You start noticing some weird things about your partner. The chemistry becomes less. At this stage, you may even notice that there are more negative things than positive ones in your relationship. However, everyone has to work hard here and face challenges if it is real love.

As your relationship progresses, so will you. The best way is to be aware of how you are changing so that you can be honest to your partner. From the moment you meet a single on an online dating service to the time you go out on your first date, you are most likely to experience various changes in your body. Noticing these changes can also help you to identify if you could potentially be in a long-term relationship or if the person is just not the one for you. Online dating is not always simple. Knowing what changes to expect at each stage will help you to live easier.


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