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Interracial Dating Is Special

In the 21st Century, we no longer live in a world where a person’s world extends to only where they have lived. The horizons have expanded to paint a entirely new picture of the world. We are today a mix of many races, culture, traditions, practices and habits, not stuck and stale of being in only the confines of one community. There are still a few of those people, everywhere you go, who think that dating or being with someone from another race is wrong, but let’s face the fact that vast majority of the world has denounced such ideas. And let’s celebrate that fact.

Few reasons to join interracial dating are

A learning experience: When we’re only at it, with only a single thing, it gets boring. Think of having someone in your life from which you’ll learn new things every day. Meet new people, some kind, some boring, and some even rude. But that happens everywhere. It will teach you to balance your own individuality, while embracing your partner’s culture.

Take a stand against bigots: Those few people with whopped midsets, as we said before will more likely than not try and impose their ideas on you, but you will have a unique opportunity to show them that as long as understanding between the partners exist, it will work, irrespective of their skin color affiliations, headwear, dresses etc.

Keep in sync with a global world: We live in a shrinking world, also known as a global village. We live with many people and of different backgrounds. Engaging with this change in our personal life, it brings us together in this time of negative forces invading our privacy.

Have beautiful kids: Think of Emmanuelle Chriqui. Such lovely skin tone! Your kids could be such lovely looking people too. Great for mum to gloat, and bad for daddy to worry about his daughter. Enjoy!

Tread in the footsteps of celebrities: George and Amal Clooney, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.  Everywhere you look, the hottest couples are interracial.  Go ahead and join this bandwagon of hot and sexy people.

Unite against xenophobia: Reject those spewing hatred and discord on account of nationality and race. Be with a person who will make you a better person. People of all countries and cultures are equal under the eyes of law and they should be within you too. Whether the person you love is Asian, African, Latino or whoever else should not be a consideration. Not for you, not for anyone else. It is the way to go.

Interracial dating is trending today and with good reason too. In a globalised world with people from different cultures and backgrounds coming meeting, working and living together it is only natural to be part of a global community of people. 


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